Tulsa Water Damage Restoration

At first, water damage can seem like an easy problem to solve: circulate air, mop up standing water with towels, and wait for the area to dry out. However, there are certain crucial factors to take into consideration that can make a seemingly simple problem much more complex in reality.

Before attempting any remediation, Tulsa water damage restoration specialists recommend identifying the type of water that has invaded your home. If the water is clean--from a clear water source like the washing machine, refrigerator or faucet, you are most likely safe to do the restoration yourself. However, if the water qualifies as "gray" or "black," meaning partially or completely contaminated by bacteria, chemicals or waste, all contact and restoration should be left to Tulsa water damage restoration experts for safety reasons. Once the type of water has been identified, the entire water damage problem must be assessed to make sure that all damage is located before the restoration process begins. If you feel that there is additional water damage that cannot be seen or found easily, this might be another sign that remediation should be left to a Tulsa water damage restoration company.

If you suspect that the water in your home is unsafe to handle, has contaminated an area beyond its discovery point, or you simply do not feel comfortable handling the restoration process yourself, consult a Tulsa water damage restoration company. By hiring professional services, you will get the results you want, and avoid risking both your safety and the safety of your home.