New Mexico Water Damage Restoration

Professional New Mexico water damage restoration services are not just for large scale disasters like flooding or fire damage repair; restoration services are also available for smaller scale issues like water stains on the ceiling and walls, leaking pipes, and recurring mold colonies. The root of water damage remediation is finding the source of the water and stopping it; that way, when the cleanup job is completed, the problem will not return.

New Mexico water damage restoration companies have the industry tools and products necessary to not only locate the source of water damage in your home, but also to correct the problem, and clean and dry the affected area completely. When the source of the unwanted water is difficult to find, professionals might rely on moisture meters, infrared cameras, or borescopes to help them pinpoint "hidden" water sources or damage.

Many water damage issues originate from hard to reach or hard to see places like between walls, in attics or crawlspaces, beneath moldings, and under floors. If you have signs of water damage that keep returning even after repeated airings and concentrated cleaning, New Mexico water damage restoration professionals can help you find the source of the problem and remove it, and you can rest assured that the problem is gone for good.

No matter how minor you think the problem is, if you do not feel comfortable undertaking the evaluation or remediation of water damage yourself, contact a New Mexico water damage restoration company to handle the job for you. From Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Santa Fe, to Rio Rancho and Roswell, New Mexico has certified experts across the region ready to assess the problem in your home and remove it with speed and efficiency.