New Hampshire Water Damage Restoration

When water damages your home and possessions, it can seem like everything the water has touched must be thrown away. However, many articles can be saved from permanent damage caused by water, dirt and even mold. Furniture, dishes, blankets, clothing, books, electronics and even photographs are all salvageable from water damage if they are addressed quickly enough and handled correctly. Whether you attempt to clean and dry these items yourself or hire a New Hampshire water damage restoration company, it is important to start the process as fast as possible.

Getting air moving through the space is a good first step to water damage remediation whether you are undertaking the entire restoration process, or waiting for a professional New Hampshire water damage restoration specialist. Open windows and doors, utilize fans, and if necessary, heaters, air conditioning units or dehumidifiers, to aid with the movement of air. With the drying process underway, the next step is to separate damaged items from undamaged ones to prevent the spread of contamination. For more information about how to clean and repair items or areas in your home, take a look at the articles on our FAQ page here.

Remember, if you are planning on submitting a claim to your insurance but choose to start major remediation or hire a New Hampshire water damage restoration company to handle the cleanup before the claim is processed, it is a good idea to document and catalog the damage via video or photographs so that you have proof of the full extent of the damage and what was lost.

It doesn't matter what city you live in, be it Manchester, Nashua, or Concord, there are New Hampshire water damage restoration companies available to help you with your water damage problems. From Rochester to Dover, these certified professionals are often your best chance of recovering items that have been affected by water damage. Whether you have a basement full of standing water, or a bathroom wall covered in mold, these restoration professionals can remove the entire problem quickly and completely.