Maryland Water Damage Restoration

Attempting water damage remediation on your own can not only be a major undertaking, it can also be dangerous. Depending on the type of water that has affected your home, it might be necessary to leave all cleanup to Maryland water damage restoration specialists.

There are, in general, three types of water damage: clean water, gray water and black water. If your space has been flooded or damaged by clean water (water from rain or household appliances), it is most likely safe to attempt the cleanup process yourself. However, if the water is gray or black (flood water, water from drainage pipes, or water that contains a small or large amount of chemicals, bacteria or fecal matter) it is recommended to let a Maryland water damage restoration professional handle the removal of water and cleaning of the area. Gray and black water are dangerous to the untrained homeowner and can cause serious health complications both during the cleanup process, and in the long term if the area is not cleaned properly.

The state of Maryland benefits from a range of climates across the region, and often experiences extreme weather conditions that can lead to any of these types of water damage. In fact, as a coastal state, the area is sometimes affected by tropical cyclones and the heavy rains of nearby tropical systems. In addition, the state experiences between 35-45 inches of rainfall and anywhere from nine to over 100 inches of snow in a year. Maryland also sees an annual average of 30-40 days of thunderstorms and more than five tornadoes every year. Because of all of these adverse weather conditions and the potential damage they can cause, it is important to be prepared, and call a Maryland water damage restoration company immediately if the damage to your home or building is caused by gray or black water.

Even if the damage in your home is caused by clean water or the problem seems minor, if you do not feel comfortable remediating it on your own, contact a Maryland water damage restoration company to handle the job for you. Across the region, from Frederick to Gaithersburg, professional services are available to remove the issue from your home. Indeed, whether you live in Baltimore, Annapolis, or Ocean City, trained restoration professionals are ready to help you recover from any water damage situation.