Lexington Water Damage Restoration

While major water damage often requires the services of a Lexington water damage restoration professional, some homeowners are able to evaluate the damage and carry out the remediation process themselves. Still, water damage is a dangerous problem to have in your home, and whether you are simply investigating the problem before Lexington water damage restoration experts arrive or plan on completing the remediation process yourself, it is important to protect yourself from potential hazards.

Water might seem harmless enough, but it can contain waste, bacteria, and harmful contaminants that can cause serious health problems if you do not protect yourself. Gloves, boots, protective eyewear, a mask, long sleeves and pants are among the basics of water damage personal protective equipment experts recommend. If the water damage has been caused by gray water or black water (water that is contaminated in some way) it is best to leave the cleanup process to Lexington water damage restoration professionals. If you choose to handle any of the contaminated items or materials in your home, experts stress these safety precautions to protect you from both short term and long term health problems associated with exposure to mold, chemicals or other harmful substances brought into your home by water.