Connecticut Water Damage Restoration

Living in the humid continental and subtropical climates of Connecticut means having to be very vigilant of water damage and mold issues in your home or building. High relative humidity can cause significant damage if left uncorrected, but can be easily spotted if you know the signs. Connecticut water damage restoration specialists cite the following issues as indicators of too much humidity in your home: condensation on windowsills, walls and ceilings; constantly fogged windows; and a muggy feeling in the air. If your home shows signs of high relative humidity or water damage and you're not sure how to proceed, we can help. Here at Water Damage Restoration, we're dedicated to helping you find the Connecticut water damage restoration services that best fit your needs and requirements.

Connecticut benefits from a humid continental climate and a humid subtropical climate, depending on the area of the state in question. Winters are cold with anywhere from 25-100 inches of snow annually, spring brings significant rains, and summers are hot and humid. The state is also affected by hurricane season with tropical cyclones sometimes reaching the area and an average of 30 days of thunderstorms and one tornado every year. If you experience water damage from any of these natural disasters or other water-related problems, contact one of our Connecticut water damage restoration experts for fast solutions today.

Trying to identify high relative humidity or water damage in your home can seem like a daunting task, but whether you live in Bridgeport, New Haven or Hartford, the signs to watch out for are generally the same. Indeed, across the state, from Stamford to Waterbury, it is important to regularly check for symptoms of water damage in your residence. By catching problems early, you have the best chance of avoiding permanent damage and serious issues in your home.