Chicago Water Damage Restoration

If you plan to undertake the remediation of water damage in your home yourself, it is always recommended to get an evaluation or a quote first from a Chicago water damage restoration company. Professional restoration experts are trained to find the source of the water damage and evaluate the entire damage situation in your home, including issues that might not be easily visible. If all sources and areas of water damage are not identified prior to cleanup, remediation will not be complete and the damage will just return. Moreover, knowing the location and extent of all the damage first can help you decide if the problem is one that you can realistically clean up yourself, or if it is best left to a professional Chicago water damage restoration company.

While major areas of water damage, like flooded rooms or leaking appliances, can be easy to spot, some areas of "hidden" water damage can be very difficult to find. Spaces like basements, crawlspaces, inside walls, behind moldings, and in attics, are all common places that water damage can develop unnoticed. To locate these hard-to-find problems, Chicago water damage restoration specialists often employ industry tools like borescopes, infrared cameras and moisture meters when performing their evaluation of your home. Hidden water damage can cause long term problems in your house and even affect your family's health. In order to be confident that all water damage has been identified in your home, contact a Chicago water damage restoration expert today.